Frequently Asked Questions

How does one obtain Tenure in the Fullerton School District?

First off let us as an association use the term "Permanent Status". Tenure is when a person can not lose their job no matter what. We FETA Teachers have something called "Due Process" which is a process that will let a teacher go if the district follows the correct process.

A teacher that is hired into the Fullerton School District is hired either as a Temporary or a Probationary Teacher. If they are hired as a Probationary Teacher their 1st year they are Prob I Status the following year if they work 75% of the school days they will then move to Prob II status. The following year they are either released from their contract following March 15th Procedures or they become Permanent teachers. Now if a teacher is hired as a Temporary Teacher they should move to the Prob I stage the following year, then Prob II, and then Permanent the following year. So it depends on how you were hired and what status you were hired under

Is there a seniority list and if so where do I fall on it?

Yes, the district keeps a seniority list. Please contact district personnel office if you have any questions about your status.

If a teacher would like to go on a part time contract what should they do?

They need to start with their site principal.  If they wish to go part time anywhere they need to send Mark Douglas a note, the district has a list of part time teachers to match up with other interested parties.

Does FETA have a copy of the District's Budget?

Yes, FETA does have a copy of the budget. The budget folder is about 800 pages and is in a thick folder. If you are interested in viewing it you can come to the FETA office anytime, either before or after the move. I do not think it would be realistic or cost effective to make copies of it. It is also posted on the FSD Website.

Is it true that our School Board Members receive Health Benefits for life?

The only way a current Board Member can qualify for the continuation of health and welfare benefits at District cost is if all three of the following criteria are met:

  • The Board Member started serving before January 1, 1995
  • The District was providing such benefits for former Board Members as of January 1, 1995
  • The Board Member has served at least 12 years

Since the District did not have this policy in place as of January 1, 1995, and all five of the Board Members began after 1996, the District cannot elect to pay the cost of such benefits.

If a temp receives a termination letter but is hired back what happens?

If it was the Temporary teacher's first year, when they are hired back they are hired back on step two. They keep their status, as if they had not been released.

Does the Multiage program encroach on the General Fund?

No. The costs of maintaining the Multi Age Programs are offset by the number of interdistrict transfers into the participating schools. If FSD didn't have the interdistrict transfers then it would be an encroachment, but there are many families choosing this popular program and it becomes a "wash". (Ellen Ballard)

What is the Transfer Language in our contract?


A. Definition
A transfer is defined as a change in the professional assignment to a different school, or when a shift of more than two grades is involved.

D. District Initiated Transfer
A transfer may be initiated by the District for any of the following reasons:

  1. Change in enrollment;
  2. Need for teachers specially credentialed and/or trained;
  3. Need to move a teacher whose evaluation is negative to another evaluator or another environment to facilitate improvement with such transfer basis not to be used in consecutive years.
  4. The welfare of the students or the welfare of the employee.

When the District initiates a transfer, the unit member shall be provided with information to support the reason(s) for the transfer. At the request of the employee, a conference will be held with the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel.

Teachers subject to district-initiated transfers shall have the right to indicate preference from a list of vacancies.

What is the current hourly rate?

As of February 1, 2009: $37.43

Is Class Size Reduction (CSR) on the list of cuts?

The short answer is yes. Many items are on the list of cuts from our district. When analyzing the cost saving to our district if CSR was eliminated, the cost savings would not be as substantial as one might think. The problem comes if our state decides not to fund CSR. This is a possibility and if this happens we could lose up to 68 teachers in or district alone. If the state decides to do away with class size reduction, this would be devastating to our district.

Our district just sent out a total comp. doc. that is wrong, what should I do?

Many were wrong, our district was notified and a corrected document will be sent to our sites. If the salary portion of the document is wrong call payroll ASAP. (714) 447-7463

How can I get a hold of district budget information?

When the district makes a presentation whether it be at the BAC meetings or at board meetings the charts and presentations are placed on this website:

If I am receiving a Pink Slip or Layoff notice... should I resign or wait?

Before you decide what to do... please go to the Budget Info section of this website... it has more information that I posted on 3/02/09.

What is the difference between Pink Slips and RIF notices?

Pink Slips are for those Temporary teachers that are being released, and RIF notices go out to Probationary and Permanent Teachers whose positions will be eliminated the following year. RIF = Reduction in Force.

If I am released do I have priority with substituting next year?

If you were a Permanent teacher you will get Per Diem Rate after you work 21 days of 60. Probationary teachers would get a preference to sub at the sub cost. Temporary teachers get to join the sub pool at sub costs.

Autistic Training Mandates

As of now it is not being mandated by the state yet, only by the District, is it still the teacher's job to foot the cost for this training.