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FETA News & Updates

CTA Membership

If you are an FSD employee who is a member of CTA, and you have any CTA changes or updates, especially in the area of your membership card, then please contact me at I am a teacher at Parks Junior High School, and I plan to be the point person for membership changes/updates. Thank…

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Back to School

Capturing Your Classroom’s Strength-Based Energy! Know your teacher talents. With the new school year approaching, consider making a commitment to Strength-Based Teacher-Driven Change by fully knowing your own, personal teacher talents. For example, if your principal walks into your classroom and enthusiastically tells your students, Your teacher is great and let me tell you why,  what would the principal…

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Victor Mentality!

One CTA retired leader in education, Dr. Debbie Schroeder of GOALS Academy in Anaheim, California, joyfully calls her strength-based approach, a “Victor Mentality!” Essentially, the opposite of a “Victim Mentality.” At the beginning of the year, she encourages her staff and students to stay focused on values that revolve around gratefulness, hopefulness, and action-oriented versus…

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Year-Round Support!

Thank you to the wonderful Mr. Matt Virden, Administrative Assistant at NOCUT, for his problem solving expertise today! To ensure that all FETA executive board, representative council, and site level members have access to the information they need, Matt worked side-by-side with both current and former members in education to solve technology problems that were…

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