Officer and Rep Candidate Statements

All candidates are listed in 2020-2021 CTA alphabetical order.


1st Vice President

Darlene Naslund:  With my 28+ years of involvement in FETA/CTA/NEA  I will continue to voice my concerns/ thoughts/ideas in support all members! We are better together! Thank you!  Darlene

2nd Vice President

Shelley Behrns:  FSD teacher for 21 years. I have served FSD teachers for 20 years (Site & Elementary Rep., Correspondence & secretary, 2nd Vice President) and would love to continue.

Recording Secretary

Laura Grover:  Recording Secretary is a service I am happy to do for us. Having fair and accurate minutes helps everyone stay informed. Thank you for your vote.


Correspondence Secretary

Nancy Rader:  I would like to continue as correspondence secretary for my last year at FSD. I so enjoy sending the cards to all of our members.


Site Rep - Acacia

Nancy Regitz:  I’ve been a FETA site rep for the past six years and I know our staff appreciates my efforts to keep them informed and being their voice at PAL meetings.


Site Rep - Commonwealth

Lori Reed:  Lori works well with her colleagues. She is friendly and looks out for the best of her co-workers. She's not afraid to speak up for things that she believes in.


Site Rep - District Office

Nancy Rader: I would like the opportunity to continue representing the nurses and staff in the DO.  I enjoy being part of FETA and am here to support you in anyway possible.

Site Rep - Fern Drive

Julie Sanchez:  I will continue to be the representative for Fern Drive Elementary.


Site Rep - Golden Hill

Susan Wong-Weisel:  I have been our site rep for the past 3 years and would like to continue in this role if you would like me to continue.  Thank you!


Site Rep - Hermosa Drive

Pamela Zinnel:  No candidate statement.


Site Rep - Ladera Vista

Gina Ortiz:  Working at  LV since 2005 and serving as your Site Rep through the pandemic, I will continue to attend monthly meetings / trainings, share vital communications, protect our 21-22 MOU / TA.

Site Rep - Laguna Road

Stephanie Olsen:  I would love to be the voice of the teachers again next year. I will do my very best to represent you!


Site Rep - Maple

Shelley Behrns:  FSD teacher for 21 years. I have served FSD teachers for 20 years (Site & Elementary Rep., Correspondence & recording secretary, 2nd Vice President) and would love to continue.


Site Rep - Nicolas

Ezequiel Paz:  I would like to be a rep to empower our teachers and give them the support they deserve.

Patrick Mora:  I'm passionate and highly motivated to make our campus a better place and support our staff. Band directors get things done...

Shital Desai:  I will do my best to work with my colleagues and admin to discuss issues/concerns and help to produce solutions.  I will attend meetings and share information with my colleagues.


Site Rep - Orangethorpe

Betty Chang:  Ask Chang! That's what you'll hear on campus. I am a good friend, colleague, and always willing to listen.

Christine Stolo:  I have served as OT's Rep for the past 9 years, and would be honored to continue to serve as your Rep for the upcoming year.

Site Rep - Pacific Drive

Laura Grover:  I am volunteering to be a site rep for us to offer experience and help our other rep learn the role. Thank you for your vote.


Site Rep - Parks

Nancy Mizuno:  I have been serving for the past year as the site rep for Parks.  I am happy to continue representing our staff.

Erin Klopfer:  21-22 ushers in Year 15 for me in my educational career - all 15 years include working with middle school. I hope to be a strong voice for fabulous ParksJH!


Site Rep - Raymond

Tania Vargas:  I feel that my excellent communication skills will make me an effective site rep and I look forward to representing the wonderful teachers at Raymond!


Site Rep - Richman

Eva Arreola:  My goal as a Site Rep is to continue representing our site, maintaining ongoing communication and supporting with questions or concerns on site or with FETA.  Thank you in advance!


Site Rep - Sunset Lane

Sharon Alexander:  Sharon has represented the school and has maintained a balanced viewpoint for all teachers. Sharon maintains strong relationship between admin and teachers. Sharon seeks to support teachers and is knowledgeable.

Sarah Spero:  I would be honored to represent you again! I will do my best to make your voices heard and keep you informed of issues affecting our work environment. Thank you!


Site Rep - Valencia Park

Dionne Sincere:  I have happily represented Valencia Park teachers, as Site Rep alternate, and would be honored to continue as such.

Julie Rezvani:  I would like to continue to represent VP and be a part of the PAL process with our next Principal.


Site Rep - Woodcrest

Clara Kollmansberger:  Proud teacher of over 20 years at Woodcrest elementary. Alternate site rep for 4 years. Representative at NEA conference, hardworking, passionate advocate for teacher’s rights and union issues.